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So this person :icondixydust: steals art and saying that it is hers. I warned her about her account will be dead but she keeps saying a lot of rude things from us. She's being a jerk, a huge jerk.

The person who stole my art doesn't even attack back to the people who warned her. I was relief she wasnt those mean ass art thieves.

DixyDust stole three of :uselessmystery: artwork

DixyDust's posts she stole…………

The original artist is :iconuselessmystery:!

This needs to be taken down for good.
I think it's time to fix my gallery…
Thank you so much  :iconyarnghost: for telling me! You have a really good art :33

This user stole my art and claims to be hers and she ALSO pretending to be me! A friend of mine told me she got blocked by her. If you have a google+ account pls tell them to stop impersonating me,stealing my art,and report her for impersonating me.

Here's the link to her account…